Tennessee History For Kids, A New Idea For New Times

By Betsy Thorpe

Photo taken in Dayton Tennessee, during the making of the video “A Teacher In Trouble” the story of the Scopes trial

Tennessee History For Kids a web site founded by Nashville author and journalist Bill Carey in 2004. Mr. Carey who has reported for The Nashville Scene, The Tennessean and WPLN public radio designed the web site in response to the lack of history and civics resources available to Tennessee elementary and middle school students. The web site includes lessons in various aspects of Tennessee history aimed at specific grade levels K-8. Tennessee State Historian, Walter Durham endorses the web site as a “new idea for new times”.

Using videos, stories and interactive quizzes Tennessee History For Kids instructs students on Tennessee’s geography, economics, and civics, as well as the history of Tennessee’s counties and cities. Important events in Tennessee history and the accomplishments of notable Tennesseans are explored in this interesting and fun web site.

More than a dozen videos are available on the web site. Posing as “History Bill”, Mr. Carey presents diverse locations and moments in time: a frontier hospital, the Cotton Exchange in Memphis, The Scopes Trial in Dayton, and The National Cemetery in Nashville where he is visited by the ghost of a Union Soldier from the United States Colored Troops. In one video titled “Remember The Tennesseans” History Bill flies to San Antonio Texas to visit the Alamo where he presents a Tennessee State flag in remembrance of the volunteers from Tennessee who died there.

President Andrew Jackson, Aviator Cornelia Fort, Elvis, Cherokee alphabet inventor Sequoyah, blues artist Bessie Smith, WWI hero Alvin York and actress Reese Witherspoon are just a few of the interesting Tennesseans students will learn about at Tennessee History For Kids.


Tennessee History For Kids is a useful resource for teachers and home schooling parents. Gower Elementary
teacher Beverly Kelly stated that she “will use the web site in conjunction with the civics lessons required in
this school years curriculum”.

To visit THFK go to tnhistoryforkids.com

Bill Carey is the author of six book: Fortunes Fiddles and Fried Chicken: A Nashville Business History; Chancellors, Commodores and Coeds: A History of Vanderbilt University; Master of the Big Board: The Life, Times and Companies of Jack Massey; Finding a Way: The Southwestern Story; and Leave No One Behind: Hurricane Katrina and the Rescue of Tulane Hospital.


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