Belmont Campus, October 7, 2008

By Betsy Thorpe

A sense of excitement prevailed on Belmont’s campus in the hours preceding last weeks presidential debate in spite of empty shops and restaurants, security fences and police barricades. Supporters of both Senator Obama and Senator Mc Cain stood their ground around the almost deserted campus.

For more than one hundred and fifty years Belmont’s brick water tower has defined the landscape of the properties grounds. On the day of the town hall presidential debate the tower offered a place for security to observe and protect the assembled members of local, national and global journalists and media personnel in the outdoor area designated for members of the press.

Following the debate, parties erupted all around the campus area, “debate block parties” with each candidates supporters claiming victory.

Normal life on campus and in the surrounding area has resumed, but the memories and excitement of participating in the national political process will remain in the neighborhood for a very long time.

Photo’s By Betsy Thorpe

Photo’s By Betsy Thorpe


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