Moments of Tragic Disorder, Remembering November 22, 1963

By Betsy Thorpe

In July of 2004 while having lunch with my mother and my aunt in Cottage Grove Oregon, they shared with me their memories of the day President Kennedy was shot in Dallas.

On November 22, 1963 they were young housewives living in Springfield Oregon and they were together at a friends house when the tragic news reached them.

They remembered details of the morning so vividly I was compelled to hear more. I have since listened to women from all over the country relate their experiences in the moments leading up to and following the death of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Their personal recollections are as varied as their 1963 lifestyles, but they share a common bond in their remembrance of the collectiive grief that swept the nation and by the knowing of exactly where they were shortly after 12:30 p.m. Central Time, on Friday November 22, 1963… the day America cried.

The following trailer of the upcoming documentary“Moments Of Tragic Disorder” is their story.

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