ICE! A Nashville Christmas Tradition

By Betsy Thorpe

Every October since 2001 artisans from China arrive in Nashville to sculpt a magical and mystical winter wonderland, using more than one million pounds of ice to create a fantasy ice cave, containing several rooms, each one a unique imaginative world.

Adventurous visitors will first enter the Country Band room where a trio of guitar playing snowmen face a replica of the Grand Ole Opry’s red barn, they will next be welcomed on the gingerbread ice porch of a Victorian style Country Home.

In the Winter Forest room sculpted deer sit next to a waterfall in a world forested by icy evergreen trees. After leaving the forest visitors will arrive in a room where The Herald Angel towers over a quiet Country Church and serene golden light streams through the churches stained glass windows.

Children are invited to venture down a tall frozen slide in the fanciful Christmas Castle.

The final and most magnificent room holds the Nativity Scene where carved animals, shepherds, wise men and angels gaze upon the swaddled baby Jesus laying in the ice crystal manger.

ICE! will display at the Gaslight Theatre through January 1, 2009

Gaslight Theater at Opry Plaza
2804 Opryland Dr
Nashville, TN 37214


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