Crowd Of 54,250 Witness Commodores New Years Eve Victory In Eleventh Annual Music City Bowl

Bryant Hahnfeldt On The 4th Quarter Game Winning Field Goal

“I knew we had the wind in the fourth quarter, so I wasn’t worried about the wind at all. I knew it was behind me. Even if I just hit it straight and got under it a little bit, I knew the wind would carry it far enough. It was a matter of hitting it through. It felt great. When you hit a good kick, you usually don’t feel the ball come hit your foot because you get it on the sweet spot. Even though it was cold I didn’t feel it too much and as soon as I hit it, I kind of knew.”

Bobby Johnson, Vanderbilt Head Coach

“I guess everyone can figure out that we are pretty happy. We are thrilled to win the Music City Bowl right here in Nashville, our home town. I was very proud of our football team for hanging in there playing against a very fine football team in Boston College. We kept our composure and made some big plays when we had to. It maybe not have been the prettiest victory in the whole world but it is for us now. Again, it was great to be here in Nashville. Our fans were fantastic, we could hear them the whole game. I am sure that helped us and gave us a little bit of an advantage. We are glad they were there.”



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