Volunteer Based Library To Be Established In White Bluff Tennessee

By Betsy Thorpe

Early last year the White Bluff city council approved a proposal to establish a volunteer based city library. Mayor Linda Hayes stated “White Bluff’s citizens have asked for a library for years. I mentioned in my campaign that one item on my wish list was to turn the small building that once housed our city hall into a library, using the old administration building makes sense, because the town already owns the building. The town Streets and Maintenance Department will do the cosmetic work and insure the building is ADA compliant.”

Without a library in White Bluff many residents use the public libraries in Dickson and Kingston Springs. Hayes said the new White Bluff library “will focus on daily papers, magazines, informative publications, and new book releases. But, most of all, we will attempt to furnish computers for those citizens who do not have access to a computer in their homes. We already have two new computers that will be donated from a corporation. We hope to have high speed internet which, as we all know is used in one way or another in many people’s daily lives.”

The Mayor also said that establishing a library “is quite an undertaking and I have asked Buffy Cato to assist me by forming a Friends of the Library group. Buffy is one of the people who for many years has wanted a library in our town and is anxious to make it happen”.

Plans for the library include a “Children’s Corner” where shelves holding video’s, dvd’s, books and educational resources for children will hopefully be accompanied by child friendly computers.

Vice Mayor Jeff Martin, and town historian, Tony England proposed the library be named for Jennie Woodworth, an Episcopalian Missionary who came to White Bluff in 1905. To combat the community’s widespread illiteracy Mrs. Woodworth established a school operated by the Episcopal Church. The school named Elizabeth House served the community for almost fifty years.

The library’s organizers are currently accepting donations of gently used books, recent publications and magazines. They also hope donors will provide the library with new computers. Volunteer workers are also needed to help set up and operate the new facility. Anyone interested in making a donation or in becoming a library volunteer, call the White Bluff Town Hall at 615-797-3131.

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