Titans And Loyal Fans Prepared For Saturday’s Game

By Betsy Thorpe

PSL Holder Mary Chaffin With Pete Thomas
Photo Courtesy, Carrie Climer

On January 10th, at Nashville’s LP Field, the Tennessee Titans will face the Baltimore Ravens. The game will mark the third time the two teams have competed against each other in a post season game.

Saturday’s game sold out minutes after tickets went on sale, prompting many Personal Seat Licence (PSL) holders to sell their tickets. The license entitles the holder to buy season tickets and also allows them to purchase tickets to their teams post-season games. Some PSL holders are reselling their tickets to this weeks playoff game to Baltimore fans, charging as much as $1500 for two tickets. Mary Chaffin a PSL holder since 2002, said “it is terrible to see the opposing teams colors sitting in seats with our teams fans. When the team enters the field they should see a sea of blue in the stands, it defeats the purpose of the home team advantage to have supporters of the opposing team in the stadium”.

Titans guard Jake Scott agrees, today when asked about the importance of home crowd noise, he said “The fans understand. If you go out and they are loud, it makes it hard to communicate for an offense or defense. That helps out, it’s obvious. You get more false starts on the road than you get at home and it is all because of crowd noise.”

With the hope of Tampa ahead of them and the communities support behind them, the Titans are prepared to defeat the Ravens. Saturday’s game will give Mary Chaffin and thousands of other loyal Titan’s fans one more opportunity to encourage their team to victory and on to Super Bowl XLIII.


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