Titans "Stunned" Fans Disappointed Following Saturday’s Game

By Betsy Thorpe

“We didn’t lose it, we just didn’t win it”.
Head Coach Jeff Fisher, Monday January 12, 2009

“We had our opportunities, and we just didn’t make the most of them.”
Linebacker Keith Bulluck, Monday January 12, 2009

“A couple of mistakes were made, but that doesn’t alter the fact that all year we were the number one rated team. The team and fans can hold their heads up high.
Go Titans!”
Long time fan, Mary Chaffin, Monday January 12, 2009

The Titans are “stunned and numb” following the unexpected loss in Saturday’s game. Mary Chaffin of Bellevue said “we had such a great season this year, I am just sick that it is over and that it ended like this”.

Thousands of fans filled the stands at L.P Field supporting the home team in their third post season match against the Ravens. Head Coach Fisher said “The energy and electricity and the environment itself at home in the stadium with the commitment of the fans, was an incredible experience”.
Prior to Saturday’s game Chaffin was concerned about the number of seats being purchased by Raven fans. After Saturdays game she said “The presence of Baltimore’s fans did not affect our noise factor, we are known for being loud and we were”.

Following the defeat of the home team many visitors from Baltimore expected to face a hostile crowd as they left the stadium. On Sunday one Raven fan said ” local people walked right up to us congratulating our win, inviting us back to Nashville, not what we expected at all”.

One function of a professional sports team is to stimulate local tourism and commerce. Every year thousands of visitors arrive in Nashville to watch their favorite team play against the Tennessee Titans at L.P. Field. This year the team attracted more visitors than usual and in these difficult economic times that is an important victory for our city. Thank you Titans for a memorable season.


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