By Betsy Thorpe

On Sunday, January 18th 2009, Nashville Past And Present talked to management, staff and patrons at the Shoney’s Restaurant in Bellevue Tennessee about the upcoming inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama.

“He is the president we have been waiting to have. If I could have one wish today it would be to be present in Washington now with my family. We lived near their for many years and did not witness anything like this.”
Mohd Fareneh,
General Manager, Shoney’s Restaurant

Nashville Tennessee

“This is a monumental moment in time. I feel privileged and truly blessed to be alive and able to participate. It feels like the beginning of something revolutionary in the country.”
Robert Hernon III
Editor “The Arkansawyer”
University Of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
Pine Bluff Arkansas

Member of the University’s Student Government group in route to Washington

“I am excited, I just can’t wait, I think he will be as good for the country as President Kennedy was.”
Sandra Mealer
Shoney’s Server
Pegram Tennessee

“This morning during Mass Father Philip Breen offered prayers of encouragement for the incoming president.”
Saint Ann’s Parishioner
Bellevue Tennessee

“I am ecstatic by this historic moment. I am honored to be part of it.”

Tracy DeMoss
Shoney’s Server
Nashville Tennessee

“I pray he will do God’s will”.
May Cagle
Shoney’s Patron
Bellevue Tennessee

“He will be my president. I did not vote for him but he will be my president and I pray he will succeed. God Bless our president and God Bless our country”.
Shoney’s Patron
Bellevue Tennessee

“To become inaugurated the first African American President the day after Martin Luther King Jr. Day is proof to us as Americans that the American promise of equality can be recognized when we put aside our racial differences and focus on a common goal, proof we can live the same dream and that we are heading on the right path.”
Cory Beal
C.E.O. Madyson Mutual
Bellevue Tennessee


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