Front Row Seat To History At Belcourt Theatre, "An Outstanding Success"

By Betsy Thorpe

“We are confident going into election day.We are out there on the streets, the airwaves, and the phone, getting our message out.The one way we can lose, is if people assume it won’t pass. English- only WILL pass if you stay home.”
Devin Brady,
Nashville For All Of Us

Ben Crumpler signups volunteer for canvassing against English-only
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Devin Brady: Nashville for All of Us, Avi Poster: Coalition for Education on Immigration and Tom Negri :LoewsVanderbilt Plaza & Chamber of Commerce

Yesterday,the local coalition Nashville For All Of Us, hosted “Front Row Seat To History” a free public viewing of President Obama’s inauguration ceremony. The event held at the historic Belcourt Theatre in Hillsoboro Village was organized by the coalition in response to the new administration’s “Renew America Today” initiative, calling all citizens to public service. Attendees of the free event were asked to bring a children’s book to donate to the local educational resource group “The Pencil Foundation.” Members of Nashville For All Of Us were present to recruit and enlist volunteers to work with the coalition.

According to one of the events organizers Lee Levine, “Front Row Seat To History” was an “outstanding success“. The Belcourt’s doors opened at 9:00, by 10:25 the theatre had reached it’s maximum capacity limit of four hundred and the doors were closed to numerous people hoping to attend the event. Two large collection bins with donated children’s books were filled, and many volunteers were recruited to assist Nashville For All Of Us combat the proposed English-only amendment. Levine also stated that “Only half the audience had participated in the special elections early voting so it was a great opportunity to get the message against English-only out to a broader audience”. Jerry Martin, Obama Tennessee State Director, made an incisive and compelling case to get out and vote.

Inside the theatre the excitement of the audience was evident by the frequent eruptions of shouts and applause that occurred throughout the broadcast. An extended and enthusiastic standing ovation followed the swearing-in of President Obama. One audience member stated, “It was the most exciting event I have ever witnessed”.


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