What Nashville Is Saying About Yesterday’s Historic Events "My Eyes Were On The Prize"

By Betsy Thorpe

Today Nashville Past and Present is talking to Nashvillian’s, recording their thoughts on the Inauguration of President Obama.
Updates to this post will be added throughout the day.

Yesterday, we, as a nation, proved to ourselves and to the world that we are truly capable of learning from the mistakes of our past. We have collectively made an historic decision, and I am optimistic about the future that lies ahead as a result of this decision.”
Jason Holleman
Metro Council District 24

“I did not vote for President Obama but he is now OUR PRESIDENT and we need to support him. Yesterday was truly a remarkable day in US history and I am grateful to have witnessed this event.”
Carrie C
Nashville Tennessee

“I listened to the Inauguration on my radio, thinking what a historic moment this is for our country and saying a prayer at the same time for our new president. The problems President Obama will face are huge! I pray he surrounds himself with good people to help him through all of it”.

Kim H
St. Cecilia Academy
Nashville Tennessee

“It was an uplifting experience. Very emotional and spiritual for me. I pray that President Obama is a God sent and he will make a difference and a change this world has longed for.”
Delia C
Nashville Tennessee

The Inaugural Committee put on a good show, however I will reserve my comments on the President until I see if he has the ability to lead us out this current economic crisis”.

P.L. Lamkamp
Bank Officer
Nashville Tennessee

“I just listened to the speech for the sixth time today, and I am totally optimistic about the future. Obama is talking about things I have wanted to hear for eight years. His comments on full disclosure and today’s executive order that calls for closing Guantanamo Bay are good news.”
Joel Keller
Nashville Tennessee

“It took a powerful long time and I sometimes get weary, but yesterday my eyes were on the prize, yes my eyes were laid on the prize”.
Miss Cece
Age 88
Nashville Tennessee

“The first time I caught a glimpse of Obama before the inauguration began, I got goose bumps. I am so excited about the coming years and where we, as a country, can go under his direction. I feel blessed to be alive to see a mixed race President”.

Nashville Tennessee

The speech was good and I am glad Obama is our president, because he promised to do some good things.”
Adriana T
5th Grade Student, Metro Public Schools
Nashville Tennessee

“I do believe our New President’ Barack Obama has changed life’s course. He has proven that dreams do come true. Believe in yourself ‘ stand by what you believe in. No matter how long it takes. I believe America is very proud of him.”

Joe L. Loftis
Aviation Instructor
Nashville Tennessee

“I hope that President Obama brings the change he has promised and I look forward to the day that a woman is elected and history is once again changed. However, unless it is me taking that oath, I will not be attending. Watching from home is just fine. Thank you Congressman Cooper, Jaynee Day and Phil Zepeda for making this possible. I will never forget and will always be amazed by the movement our new President has created and welcomed.”
Tasha Kennard
One Of Two Million Who Attended The Inauguration
Nashville Tennessee


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