Election Day Conversation With Eric Crafton

By Betsy Thorpe

Earlier today Nashville Past And Present asked Eric Crafton questions about today’s special election and about his future plans.

NP&P: “Are you ready to let this issue go after the votes are counted today”?
Eric: ” Yes I am.”

NP&P:Are you glad it is almost over?
Eric:”“I will be glad when it is over, I think the amendment will pass, but either way I will be glad when we are done.”

NP&P:When you started the campaign for English Only did you know that it would be this contrversial?”
Eric: “No I didn’t expect it to be like this.”

NP&P:“Knowing what you know now, do you think you should have pushed this issue?
Eric: “Yes I do someone has to stand up for whats right, and speak out for peoples choices even when they are not popular”.

NP&P:When it is all over and the votes are counted do you see yourself promoting another controversial issue in the near future?
Eric: “No I don’t……well not for a very long time”.

NP&P:Why do you think the amendment will pass today?
Eric: “More voters turned out in the early election than expected, that is good for us, it is hard to get people out to vote no.”


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