Bellevue Man Demonstrates Weight Loss Plan Of Action

My friend C L first approached me with the idea for this story shortly before Christmas. Yesterday he informed me he was mentally prepared to attack his weight problem and confident he will be successful. Today he said “The difference between now and past weight reductions is, I feel horrible…very unhealthy…ache all over…arthritis…joint problems…and heart disease runs in my family….so, I’m extremely motivated to say the least”.

For the next three months Nashville Past And Present will chronicle his progress and his diminishing girth. This morning he weighed in at the Bellevue YMCA at 324 pounds, we will record his weight every Monday.

MISSION: To demonstrate to those who are obese that you don’t have to go on a strict diet or exercise regime to lose weight.

C L, January 25, 2009, Day One, 324 Pounds

BIO: I have battled obesity for all of my adult life. From Low Fat Diets to Low Carb (and everything in between), I have tried them all. My first diet was The Scarsdale Diet. It worked for a while. I tried the Cambridge Diet (it worked for a while). I even traveled to Durham, NC to enter the Structure House program under the guidance of Dr. Gerrard J. Musante, and yes, it worked for a while. Then came Atkins and South Beach…again, my success was temporary.

I had just about given up on the whole notion of losing weight until I met a Dr. Lee Tucker. Dr. Tucker said that all diets are set up for failure because of deprivation. He gave me a few simple guidelines to follow:

1. Eat 3 meals a day (yes, whatever I want)

2. Only eat 1 helping (no seconds)

3. No snacks

4. No deserts

5. Diet drinks, water, unsweet tea or coffee (no soft drinks with sugar or alcoholic beverages)

So, what were the results? Simple. I lost 20 lbs in 3 months and never felt like I was on a diet. Truly amazing.

Hey, I can go to all of my favorite restaurants and still LOSE weight. My typical meals include:

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, 2 or 3 slices of bacon, toast and coffee.

Lunch: A 2 piece fried chicken dinner from KFC or Bojangles.

Dinner: Ribeye steak, baked potato and salad.

Now, did I eat that EVERY SINGLE DAY? Absolutely not – nor would I eat that every day if I wasn’t trying to lose weight. I often eat salads at lunch and dinner (because I like salads – not because I have to). But the key here is: DON’T DEPRIVE YOURSELF – EAT WHAT YOU WANT.


15 thoughts on “Bellevue Man Demonstrates Weight Loss Plan Of Action

  1. Anonymous

    C.L.How many pounds do you think you can lose in three months? I am curious what your goal is. What ever you are trying to lose I hope you get there. I am obese (way more than you are) and I hope you have success in your endeavor. I am looking at your plan and trying to think if I can do that too.

  2. Anonymous

    GOOD LUCK!!!! I have tried to loose weight since Xmas with no luck what so ever. I will be really impressed if this works and might even try it your way.Anna, CNashville TN

  3. Anonymous

    LOIS: TYANON 1: Motivates me even more! TYANON 2: I’m guessing I will drop 20lbs. in 3 months. Not much for a 300 lb.+ guy to lose in that amount of time(could easily do that on a conventional diet in 1 month) but hey – this is not a conventional diet (it’s really not a diet at all…just breaking a few bad habits for the most part).I really don’t have a ‘3-month weight goal’ per se. I’m not putting any pressure on myself…I know it comes off, be it 3 months or 6 months. Timeframes, scales, charts…all things of the past with me. I only weigh at doctor appointments (mainly my annual physical). I am, however, weighing myself once a week during this 3-month run to prove to the many Betsy Thorpe readers that such an unorthodox approach – so contrary to what the medical establishment publishes – can actually work (and work with ease).If you want to try this yourself, just watch me for a few weeks. I will post excerpts from a diary that I will maintain for the next 89 days. You should have an idea by then if this plan has potential for you.Everybody is different, so who knows!Thanks for reading!ANNA: You may or may not want to try this. Like I told Anon2, you may want to watch for a few weeks before starting. The diary info that I submit to Besty should give you an idea of what to expect.Good Luck to you too!-CL

  4. Anonymous

    I really do wish you well with this plan of action of yours. I lost many pounds a long time ago and I have worked hard to keep it off, so I know that what you are attempting is not an easy chore. I applaud your honesty for putting all the facts out for the world to see. It looks like lots of us are going to be in your corner here and sending all the good thoughts we can to you.My advice, don’t eat alone, it is easier to eat too much and too fast when you are by yourself.Amy Franklin Kentucky

  5. Jason

    You are planning to exercise some?When you weigh in at the Y will you shoot a few hoops or work out in the gym? Or are your joints too damaged to do that? I hope your plan gets you healthy and active.

  6. Anonymous

    C L, I saw something interesting on Oprah yesterday about eating in restaurants. To be careful about the calories in foods there especially salads, some restaurant salads have almost 2,000 calories in them, and Arbys turkey swiss sandwhich has 750 calories more than a roast beef sandwhich there “Smothered” in cheese. Pineapple and ham pizza has less calores than an all cheese pizza. It is all in a book called Eat this dont eat that. I just thought would find these things interesting.

  7. Anonymous

    DAY 4Day 3 was easy just like Day 1 & 2.I am watching out for 2000 calorie salads and making sure I do not dine alone. If I have to dine alone, one of my tricks is to read the newspaper while I eat (something that would make my Mom cringe if witnessed…lol). By reading the newspaper during the meal, I stretch 5 min. meals to 20 mins.In the next 2-3 days, I will submit some of my meal selections from this week.JASON: I go to the why for pain management purposes. Soaking for 10 mins. in the whirlpool eleviates much of the pain in my body. I do hope to start walking in a few weeks.Thanks for all of the input and support!-CL


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