Day 5 Of Bellevue Man’s Plan Of Action

Today C L shared the content of Day 4’s meals. He continues to move forward with his plan to improve his health and change his eating habits.

C L is avoiding most condiments, his advice is to “spice up your life, not your food”, and he is not consuming any liquid calories, and when ordering a pre- made salad from a restaurant he asks for the dressing to be on the side to maintain control of the caloric content of his meal.

Day 4

Breakfast (at home)


One 100% Whole Wheat English Muffin
1 garden burger pattie
1 tablespoon Dijonaisse
1 slice mild cheddar cheese

Lunch (Dalts Restaurant)

Oriental Chicken Salad

Dinner ( Shoney’s Restaurant)

Bourbon Street Salmon

Plain Baked Potato
Garden Salad

“I want people to understand that some of the things I do are habits I learned a long time ago. For instance, the dressing on the side, salads taste better with a little (Tablespoon or 2) of dressing. And Diet Coke…I kicked the Coke Classic habit many years ago…and DC taste much better to me…personal choice here…not a diet restriction.”
January 31, 2009


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