"The Wind Is At My Back", Congressman Zach Wamp

By Betsy Thorpe

Congressman Zach Wamp addresses group in Bellevue on February 2

“The Republican Party lost its way in recent years. The November elections brought us to the bottom where we now have nowhere to go but up”.

“We must take a long range view of what we want the state to be in 2020.”

Congressman Zach Wamp
February 2, 2009

On January 5, 2009 ,Rep. Zach Wamp, of Chattanooga announced that he will be running for Governor of Tennessee in the Republican primaries in 2010. Following his announcement Congressman Wamp stated, “ I believe the time is at hand for me to expand my service to help even more people in our great state by pursuing the office of governor”.

Rep. Zach Wamp is a Chattanooga native. He assumed office in 1995 and now serves with seniority as a member of the influential House Appropriations Committee. Using conservative principles, he has established himself as a leader on national issues like alternative energy, preventive health care and global security.

In spite of criticism by some that he should be in Washington addressing the current economic crisis, Congressman Wamp is traveling across the state of Tennessee campaigning for Governor. On February 2nd he made a scheduled stop at Shoney’s in Bellevue for an event hosted in part by the Republican Bellevue Breakfast Club, where he said, “I’ve got some magic in this campaign that money can’t buy. It’s relationships, values, your record, your heart, and there’s some magic there. Get excited about it because it’s happening. People identify and connect with me because I’m one of them. I’ve got the middle-class in my heart.”In reference to his campaign Wamp said “the wind is at my back“.

More than forty members of the local community attended Monday nights meeting. Following the event, Breakfast Club Coordinator Betty Hood said ” I think Zach Wamp is by far our best candidate for governor”, and Martha Brown, praised the congressman saying ” he has lots of energy and long term vision”.

On Saturday, February 7, the Breakfast Club will host its monthly meeting at 8 AM at Shoney’s on Highway 70 South. Candidates for the Davidson County Republican Executive Board will speak to the group. The public is invited to attend.


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