"Soft As Cotton" A Novel By Nashville Author, J. Carter-Ball

By Betsy Thorpe

A tapestry of hope, “Soft As Cotton” portrays the timeless nature of faith by weaving the tragedies and triumphs of three women into a seamless fabric created by the cultivation of a hope first planted in the heart of a young slave. Throughout her life Sarah Johnson nurtured a fertile seed of faith embedded deep in her soul, believing the future would reap bountiful freedoms for the daughters of slavery.

Decades pass and the reader finds Celia Bentley leading a fruitful and abundant life harvested from Sarah’s hope. Further in the future Raini Hamilton-Carrington reaps faith’s benefits through successes woven into her life by the unknown women who tended hope before her.

Both women eventually face adversity. Celia’s hope for her family’s future is threatened when she learns a frightning truth about her daughter. Raini’s faith in her past is shattered through the revelation of a long kept family secret. The discovery of Sarah’s story hidden in a trunk stored in Celia’s attic gives new birth to the seed of faith first cultivated in Sarah’s heart and completes the tapestry woven with it’s yield.

Nashville Administrative Law Judge, J.Carter-Ball found inspiration for her first novel, “Soft As Cotton” when she was a student of law at The University of Mississippi. Her early morning commute from Memphis Tennessee to Oxford Mississippi took her past stately antebellum homes surrounded by fertile cotton fields. As she tried to imagine the daily lives of the slaves that once populated the area, the story of Sarah Johnson was born.

Soft As Cotton By J Carter-Ball is available at PublishedByWestview.com


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