Words From Bellevue Man On Day 11 Of Plan Of Action To Lose Weight And Improve Health

DAY 11:

This eating plan seems a little easier to follow as each day goes by – maybe because of the accountability factor with being monitored by both The Westview newspaper & Betsy Thorpe’s Nashville Past & Present blog. It really wasn’t too difficult the first time around.

Many people have voiced their disbelief that this program can actually work. The truth is, it works for me. I can’t say that it will work for you since we are all different. Personally, I can succeed on this program because ‘eliminating snacks’ from my daily can be done without too much emotional disruption. My trick with snacking is “Don’t keep snacks in the house”. In the past, I have bought nuts, chips, etc. with the intention of eating one serving per day. Never quite works out that way…

So, what do I keep at home? Not much. I eat most of my meals outside the home (which is not a good habit, but works right now). Sometimes hunger can be mistaken for thirst, so I do keep plenty of diet drinks, unsweet tea and coffee on hand.

How am I holding up emotionally? Excellent! On past conventional diets, I would feel deprived. Every Pizza Hut and McDonald’s commercial on TV would make my mouth salivate and my stomach growl. That doesn’t happen on my program. My thoughts were always zeroed in on what I ‘could not’ have…well, you would think on this program, my thoughts would be centered on what I ‘can’ have, right? Well, maybe at first, but a few days into this, one should discover that there is a lot less emphasis on food & beverage.

That’s a nice feeling!
DAY 10 Menu:

Breakfast: Gardenburger on whole wheat muffin w/ cheddar cheese and mayo.

Lunch: 3-piece fried chicken dinner w/ side of red beans & rice and 1 biscuit (Popeye’)_

Dinner: Grilled chicken salad w/ raisins, nuts and raspberry vinaigrette dressing.


2 thoughts on “Words From Bellevue Man On Day 11 Of Plan Of Action To Lose Weight And Improve Health

  1. Anonymous

    You are an inspiring person. I don’t know if this is the exact plan for me, but it is inspiring me to think about losing in a new way. Thank you very much for sharing this.Sally M.Nashville

  2. Anonymous

    SALLY M:That's one of the main reasons why I'm doing this. I challenge people to see what 'works' for them. It's easy to convince ourselves that we will 'never lose weight' because of past failures, but I finally found something that works and you will too.Perhaps you have an issue with deserts and sweets…my diet might be more difficult for you, but don't think I'm not doing without. My sacrifice includes: sweet tea, Dr. Pepper, beer, Chex Mix, Chinese buffets, 'whole' 12 inch pizzas, chips & salsa at Mexican restaurants and more.But I can deal with that knowing I can have a normal portion of whatever I want 3 meals a day.Tonight was a ribeye steak and mixed greens with nuts, apples and blueberries (and a Tblsp or 2 of honey mustard dressing)…lunch was a Slim Jim and fries at Shoney's…breakfast was my usual Gardenburger, English muffin, cheddar cheese and mayo.When I can eat like that and lose weight, it's less painful doing without some of the other stuff I mentioned.Good luck!!-CL


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