By Betsy Thorpe

Omohundro Water Treatment Plant is one oldest water pump stations in the United States. Construction of the historic water plant was completed in 1889. The Omohundro Water Treatment Plant has provided continuous service to the city of Nashville since that time.

“I fully recognize this is not an ideal time to be asking our citizens to pay more for anything. If I felt this was something we could put off, or not do altogether, we would not be proposing this program. Demand on our aging water and sewer systems has gone up 30 percent over the last decade while rates have remained constant. We must invest in our infrastructure to protect our environment, and ensure safe, clean drinking water for our citizens now and in the future.”
Mayor Karl Dean Febuary 6, 2009

Mayor Karl Dean discussed the proposed Clean Water Infrastructure Program today at Nashville’s historic Omohundro Water Treatment Plant. The proposed ordinance calls for an increase in Nashville’s water and sewer rates over a three-year period. It also creates a stormwater management program. The rate adjustments will fund a five-year capital improvement plan, which will upgrade Nashville’s aging water infrastructure to meet growing demands on the system and stricter federal regulations.

The City Council will meet on Feburary 17th to consider the Clean Water Infrastructure Program ordinance. If the Council approves the program, Metro water and sewer rates will increase on May 1st 2009. The stormwater management fees will be added later on July 1st.

More information on the proposed Clean Water Infrastructure Program is available at www.nashville.gov/water/cwip


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