Book Review, J. B. Gaither, His Place In Time

By Betsy Thorpe

The South is known as the Bible Belt of America and the state of Tennessee is often referred to as the belt’s buckle. The faithful nature of one man whose life long service and devotion to God contributed to the strength of Tennessee’s Christian foundation is revealed in J. B. Gaither His Place In Time.

Utilizing family photo’s, journal entries, church bulletins, study notes and sermon excerpts, this book follows the life and career of old time gospel preacher, radio evangelist, and man of enduring faith, James Burgess Gaither. He entered the ministry in 1928 and throughout his fifty year career in the pulpit he led his various congregations through the Great Depression, a global war and the tumultuous events that occurred during the 1960’s, by providing guidance inspired by God’s unchanging Word.

J B Gaither His Place In Time is not only the story of one man, it is also the story of his church and a testimony of how the good seeds he planted throughout his faithful life continue to grow and flourish in the lives of his children and grandchildren.

Sandra Gaither Ptichford of Mountain Home Arkansas wrote this loving tribute to her family’s Godly heritage, to honor, remember and share the Gaither legacy of service first established by her father James Burgess Gaither, more than eighty years ago.


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