The Mayor’s Green Ribbon Committee

By Betsy Thorpe

Mayor Karl Dean announced today the completion of the first comprehensive greenhouse gas inventory in Nashville. The three month study conducted by Gresham Smith and Partners and the Metro Health Department was commissioned by Nashville Electric Service and the Mayor’s Green Ribbon Committee in November to measure greenhouse gas emissions produced by residential, commercial, industrial and municipal activities througout Davidson County.

Results from the study reveal that Nashville produces 23.9 tons of carbon dioxide or equivalent gases per capita, about the same as the national average, but lower than Tennessee’s average of 24.9. The operations of Metro Government, including Metro Nashville Public Schools, accounted for only 5 percent of Davidson County’s total greenhouse gas emissions.

Mayor Dean who recently signed the U.S. Mayor’s Climate Protection agreement, said, “This inventory was critical for providing us a baseline from which we can move forward and begin to implement changes in Metro and across the city to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions“.

The mayor will hear recommendations regarding the improvement of air quality and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in a meeting with the Green Ribbon Committee next month. Following the completion of the greenhouse gas inventory study Jenna Smith, the Mayor’s liaison to the Green Ribbon Committee stated “Metro Government will be making strong efforts to lead by example and reduce its own emissions. At the same time, this data underscores the importance of overall community support as we work together toward a greener Nashville. The actions of every business and every resident have a meaningful impact on our emission levels.”


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