C L Offers Lifestyle Choices That Help Avoid Snacking


“I once read that some people consume as many as 1500 calories per day just from snacks. It’s hard to put a number on it, personally, but I must have been taking in at least 2000 – 3000 calories of snack food per week….probably more”.

C L Turns His Back To The Temptations Waiting Inside His Local Convenience Store

Here is how I combat my ‘snacking’ temptations on this program:

1) No Snacks Stored In My House: This can be tricky with kids or a snack-loving spouse, but the temptation is hard to fight when staring in a pantry full of Oreos and Doritos.

2) Timeout From TV Time: If you are convinced that snacking and TV go together, quit watching TV. Actually, that use to be a problem for me, but now I’m content watching the tube with just a cranberry flavored diet ginger ale. I broke the habit and you can too! (see #4 and #5)

3) Drink Up: If you have snack cravings between meals, you might have deprived yourself at your last meal…maybe you ate your last meal so fast that you did not give your brain enough time to send out the full signal to your tummy…whatever the case might be, try drinking coffee or hot tea. Seems like sipping hot beverages eliminates any cravings you might encounter. Also, make sure you are hydrated throughout the day. Sometimes hunger can be mistaken for thirst.

4) Brush: Try brushing your teeth before those times you are most vulnerable. If you like to snack while watching TV, brush beforehand.

5) Avoid Convenient Stores: Yes, we purchase fuel for our cars at convenient stores, but keep in mind that if you pay at the pump, you will not be tempted by all of the ‘point-of-purchase’ snacks that surround the counter inside the store.

6) Eat 3 Meals Each Day: It’s important to eat all 3 meals each day. Sometimes if you skip a meal during the course of a day, you could experience intense snack cravings later in the evening. Remember the key to success on this program is to not deprive yourself during a meal (or from a meal).

7) My Favorite: When you find yourself craving a snack, start thinking about what you are going to have at your next meal. For me, I think to myself “No, I don’t want that because I’m going to be sinking my teeth into a big ribeye steak and baked potato in less than 2 hours”…and immediately focus on the upcoming meal and how great it’s going to be. Works every time for me!


3 thoughts on “C L Offers Lifestyle Choices That Help Avoid Snacking

  1. Anonymous

    do you really think you can lose pounds w/o exercise? I work out everyday, so you know I think exercise is important, but I really think it is important when you try to lose weight.I like the ideas in you came up with to keep away from snacks, some of them are really good.Jason

  2. Anonymous

    the last couple of nights when I surpressed my late night urge for popcorn and pringles by brushing my teeth in front of the tv.That action gave me something to do and kepth me from raiding the kitchen after everyone else was sleeping.Thanks C Lsign mean overeater in Nashville


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