C L Talks About His Progress And His Challenges

After a month of avoiding snacks and eating three meals a day, C L has lost a total of eight pounds.

C L Speaks

The scales have slowed down to a 1 pound loss/week. I may experience ‘zero’ weight loss/week every now and then, but that’s to be expected…weight plateaus are quite common during weight loss, though more common on more restrictive diets.
This program is easy with menu choices like this. I was tested last week as my girlfriend does not follow my program (especially on Valentine’s Day). Other than that, I have not experienced snack cravings.

The program continues!

Menu Selections



Scrambled Eggs (2 eggs)
Bacon (3 strips)
Toast (2 slices, whole wheat)


BBQ Sandwich


Lasagna, Garlic Bread, Salad w/ Italian Dressing



Egg McMuffin


Oriental Chicken Salad (J. Alexander’s)


1/2 BBQ Chicken, Potato salad, Baked Beans, Cheese Muffin


One thought on “C L Talks About His Progress And His Challenges

  1. Anonymous

    I follow this story first in the Westview and now I am watching it on this blog.I would be very discouraged to lose two pounds in two weeks and you don’t seem to be discouraged at all. I am really an overwieght person, I rarely leave my house, so I wonder do you think two pounds is really progress?If I lost two pounds against the two hundred and thirty pounds my MD suggests for me to lose, it would seem I had a long way to go, so I just don’t try. My health is really bad and any diet program I go on has to be under my MD orders and they are so strict I cant conform to them. I hope you do well, I know I can’t take your plan, but if you don’t get discouraged maybe I can work on my probem and not be discouraged too.Thank you for letting me watch your story and I hope you reach your goal to fell better.


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