Lost In The Woods

By Betsy Thorpe

Heather Gallagher, Environmental Education Specialist, Talks To Children About Safety And Preparedness In The Woods

By Betsy Thorpe

Have you ever been lost? Children learned basic survival skills in this program endorsed by North American Search & Rescue.

What should you do if you are lost in the woods? On Saturday at Warner Park’s Nature Center, environmental educator Heather Gallagher addressed that question with a group of local children. Her primary advice to the children was to stop wandering once they realized they were lost. She also talked to the children about items they should carry in their pockets before starting on a hike and the importance of remaining calm if they should get lost in the woods.

The Warner Nature Center was established to provide quality environmental education and responsible recreation, and to help protect, preserve, restore and manage the park ecosystem and all natural resources and to raise awareness, foster respect and share enthusiasm for the natural environment.

Various environmental appreciation classes and programs for both children and adults are offered at Warner Park’s Nature Center throughout the year.


One thought on “Lost In The Woods

  1. Lois Grebowski

    I took at class like that at day camp many years ago. Now I wish I could remember it all. All I remember was if you had a toothache to gnaw on a sassafras twig. And I don’t even know if I remembered that one right…LOL!


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