Local Woman Marks Off One Item From Her "Bucket List"

By Betsy Thorpe

Sue Spence Kisses A Dolphin, At Miami’s Dolphin Harbour

Last December we reported on the Bucket List compiled by Bellevue resident Sue Spence. Last week she marked off one item from her list when she celebrated her 71st birthday at Dolphin Harbour in Miami Florida.

The desire to swim with a dolphin first came to Mrs. Spence after feeding one at the San Diego Zoo in 1985. Years later, still intrigued by the magnificent marine mammal Sue Spence, a non-swimmer, asked herself “What would I have to do to achieve my dream of going in the water with a dolphin? It seemed impossible. I was afraid of the water, and it seemed that it was too much to learn. I had never been in water over my head. But last year I enrolled in an aquatic class at the Bellevue YMCA and to celebrate my 71st birthday I entered the water with a dolphin. It was a very fulfilling experience. A big acheivment.”

This spring Mrs. Spence will face another challenge on her Bucket List when she attempts to climb the steps of The Great Wall Of China.


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