Book Review, "Fulfilling Your Spouse’s Fantasy"

By Betsy Thorpe

Fantasy, a mental image, a vision or an idea.

Through the presentation of concepts based on solid biblical principals, Fulfilling Your Spouse’s Fantasy offers advice that is relevant to both men and women who want to understand and fulfill their spouse’s vision and hopes for the life they plan to share together.

Addressing topics ranging from the importance of promise keeping to issues of intimacy and the soothing power of forgiveness, this book offers practical applications of scripture presented in a way that enables and encourages the establishment of strong marital unions.

Christian writer, educator and motivational speaker Shunekari Harris lives in Tennessee with her husband Brian Vincent Harris. In Fulfilling Your Spouse’s Fantasy she shares how their marriage survived mis-communications, moments of doubt, and one unimaginable tragedy. It is her hope that her personal testimony and the principals she follows will “help others build and unify their relationships”.

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