Book Review, Tennessee Lucky Numbers,

By Betsy Thorpe

“To my knowledge there have not been any books like this to purchase lately. I am glad someone finally came out with one”.
Hazel Beasley

Nashville native, Julie Riley compiled Tennessee Lucky Numbers to provide the more than one million Tennesseans who play the states lottery games every week with guided knowledge of the games past winning numbers and of what winning lottery numbers fall out most frequently; knowledge that could increase and enhance the players chances of becoming Tennessee Lottery winners.

Tennessee Lucky Numbers is designed for easy viewing of all the previous Tennessee State Lottery’s winning numbers. The numbers are arranged by month and year, providing valuable research information on the states lottery games; Cash 3 & 4 evening, Cash 3 & 4 mid-day, Lotto 5/Pick 5, Powerball and Lotto Plus.

Julie Riley who enjoys studying numbers,and has played the lottery for many years said “I have had some pretty good luck with the lottery”. She also stated that before picking a number to play she often looks at the numerical patterns and repeating sequences of the days past winning numbers. Her favorite numbers to play are 327, 329, 369, 717, 5643, and 5352.

Tennessee Lucky’s Numbers, compiled Julie Riley can be ordered on line at Published By Westview Inc.


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