C L Reaches "The Dreaded Plateau"

By Betsy Thorpe

C L March 9, 2009

On Monday March 9th, following five weeks of steady weight loss, Bellevue resident C L reached a weight loss plateau; a frustrating experience dieters often encounter when their bodies energy intake and energy expenditure reaches a balance. Many dieters become discouraged at this point and give up on their “diet.”

C L was slightly disappointed when he stepped onto the scales at Bellevue’s YMCA Monday morning. The scales revealed that in spite of diligently following his plan,he had not lost any weight during week six. Determined to continue forward C L will soon express his personal thoughts on the hurdle he is currently facing and he will also share the methods he plans employ to overcome the “dreaded plateau”.

Weight Loss Journal Entry
March 7 2009

It’s Saturday March 7…almost 6 weeks completed. I’m quite eager to stand on the scales at the YMCA Monday morning. Reason being, a lot of people have made mention that I look slimmer.

It’s motivating when others take notice, but the real thrill is when old clothes no longer fit. My pants keep falling off my hips so it’s time to go shopping (this is the ONLY instance where I actually enjoy shopping for clothes).

One other benefit I’m excited about is the reduction of pressure on my knees. It’s amazing that losing just 10+ pounds can make such a difference in the way my knees feel. When I weighed 340 pounds a few years ago, I had to be very careful walking up and down stairs (which is a common occurrence in the life of a real estate agent). This week, I was showing a home to a past client who remembered those days. She mentioned that I no longer take ‘1 step at a time’ when coming down stairways.

As for the diet, I continue to eat 3 meals a day (whatever I’m hungry for at the time). Snacking is still off limits as is desert and high calorie beverages. I have cheated a few times (one being a small piece of cake at my Mother’s birthday party in mid-February) but I jumped back in the saddle and lost 1 pound that week.


3 thoughts on “C L Reaches "The Dreaded Plateau"

  1. Anonymous

    C, Don’t be discouraged, you are such an inspiration to people like me who always say we are hope to lose weight some day and then eat a hot fudge sundae. I think you are very brave to tell your story. I am sending motivitional thoughts your way.Beth P.37205


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