Walt Disney World Welcomes New Arrival

Kabibi and Her New Baby
Photo Courtesy Walt Disney World

On February 17, Walt Disney World Resort welcomed the birth of a black and white colobus monkey, the first one born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. While the baby’s weight, size and gender are still unknown, Disney’s animal care experts are encouraged by the amount of care given to the new born by , Kabibi a first-time mother. “The baby was born looking healthy and vigorous,” said Rebecca Phillips, a primate manager at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. “We’re encouraged that the mother and baby seem to be adapting well.”

At birth, colobus monkeys are covered in white fur that is gradually replaced with black hair matching the adults. The monkeys are distinguished by their black body and white shoulders, backs and beard. The monkeys stand between 18- and 27-inches tall and weigh approximately 12 to 32 pounds. Unlike most primates, the colobus do not have thumbs, although they have long tails that help them navigate through the forest quickly.

Kabibi came to Disney’s Animal Kingdom in 2008 as part the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Species Survival Plan, which manages genetic diversity among species through detailed records of individual animals. Disney’s Animal Kingdom also participates in the Species Survival Plans for several other animals, including elephants, cotton-top tamarins and okapi. Currently, approximately 65 colobus monkeys exist in facilities around the United States.


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