Last Week My Friend Turned 60

Last week my friend Annie turned 60. When we first met, I was rebellious and confused and sixteen. Annie was defiant and wise and twenty one. Today she is one of my closest friends and most trusted confidants. Our friendship, rooted deep with seeds sown in our youth, is mature, strong and enduring.

Happy belated birthday Annie, I still want to be you when I grow up. I am sending you “Strawberry Wine”, one of my favorite songs, hoping it will evoke the memory and spirit of our lost youth and that you will always remember that special moment in time when we were both “green on the vine”.

2 thoughts on “Last Week My Friend Turned 60

  1. Annie

    Thanks Betsy – I will always treasure our friendship. So much to remember – the good times, the hard times. Your honesty and big heart of love are a gift to the world. Looking forward to celebrating with you in person. Love, Annie


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