"From One Muse To Another" and "Let There Be Great Teachers", Book Review

By Betsy Thorpe

Like “Chicken Soup For The Soul” and it’s sequel “Chicken Soup For The Teachers Soul”, the book “From One Muse To Another” and it’s companion “Let There Be Great Teachers”, both contain easy to read quotes, quips and unique insights all designed to inspire, entertain and encourage readers of all ages.

Drawing from his various experiences as a father, teacher, writer and accomplished artist, Thomas C Jackson presents two books of thoughtful compositions that include some his most lighthearted and profound observations and thoughts.

Thomas C Jackson lives in Charlotte North Carolina with his wife, Nancy Del. He is an award winning educator and writer and his artwork has appeared in numerous galleries across the country.

To purchase “From One Muse To Another” or “Let There Be Great Teachers” visit

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