The Monkees, The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame and Fans

The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, Cleveland Ohio

Editorial Comment By Betsy Thorpe

I recently wrote that I would post an article regarding the online petition that is currently circulating the internet requesting the Monkees be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. I have since decided not to write the article, however I will share some of what I learned while researching the story.

I talked to a spokesperson at the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Foundation in Cleveland and learned that fans have no input in the selection process of potential inductees. The selection process is controlled by the foundation’s nominations board.
The board includes Rolling Stone Magazine and Hall Of Fame founder, Jann Wenner.

Former Monkee, Peter Tork is quoted as saying “the Monkees merit consideration for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The only person holding a grudge is Jann Wenner of Rolling Stone, he has never written a gracious word. He personally has the veto power to keep us out.”

When I was in Orlando last week I had the opportunity to talk to a member of Davy Jones current band and he said “the Michael Nesmith Fan Club is pushing the issue with the Hall Of Fame not David, Mickey, Peter or Michael.”

The online petition was written by Sandy Jacobson and Marilyn Ingram and at the time of this writing holds 19,105 signatures (including mine).

In an interview with Bill O’Reilly, Mr. Davy Jones seemed uninterested in the effort to have the Monkees selected for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.


3 thoughts on “The Monkees, The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame and Fans

  1. Anonymous

    The main point of the petition is to raise awareness that The Monkees are NOT in the Hall of Fame, despite all 5 of their albums going platinum on the same day that they were released on CD for the first time in 1986, and the fact that in 1967 they outsold the Beatles AND The Rolling Stones combined. The intent is to hopefully let the board know how important The Monkees are in the history of Rock & Roll. We know that the petition itself will not get the band inducted. I suggested, and co-authored the petition, with the knowledge of the band members, because of how the band influenced my life. Michael Nesmith's fan club, while supporters, were not the initiators of this campaign. -Sandy Jacobson, Co-Author of The Monkees Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Petition.


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