"Free To Celebrate" Review

By Betsy Thorpe

“Appreciate and enjoy the moments you’re blessed with now and allow gratitude to change your life by making ordinary days EXTRA-ORDINARY!”
Sandy Griffin “Life’s Cheerleader”

Starting on January 1st with “Bloody Mary Day” and ending with “World Peace Meditation Day” on December 31st, Free To Celebrate is an informative, entertaining and often whimsical daily calendar that contains a multitude of unusual holidays and little known or overlooked birth dates and anniversaries. This delightfully uplifting and fun book provides an endless supply of irregular and sometimes hilarious reasons to celebrate life with joy each and every day of the year. More than a thousand under-celebrated holidays, worthy of ceremony, festivity and rejoicing are found on the pages of Free To Celebrate.

Sandy Griffin was encouraged to compile this collection of uncustomary, offbeat,and sometimes peculiar holidays by various students she has tutored through-out her career as a life coach. She hopes that by using this book others will find ways to “celebrate ordinary days by making them EXTRA-ordinary!” Known as “Life’s Cheerleader” Ms. Griffen said “You can make each day fun for yourself or anyone one you choose. Picture your college student getting packages in the mail containing bubbles to celebrate National Bubble Week, licorice for National Licorice Day, or red noses for Clown Week. Keep your friends and family wondering what day you are going to celebrate.”

On March 25, 2009 Sandy Griffin made a televised appearance on Pat Robertson’s 700 Club, where she shared how she overcame her lifetime battles. The sixth child in a family of thirteen children, she grew up feeling that she wasn’t seen as an individual and that her achievements were never really celebrated by her family. “I would go out thinking, Well I’m just not good enough because of who I am,” she said. Later, following a failed marriage she found herself in despair, jobless and alone with three children. She soon discovered she could have a relationship with God and that she was not alone. “If I had one thing that I could tell people, I would tell people, start finding out what your gifts are, find out who you are and who you were created in God.”

Today Sandy is an author, a motivational speaker and a woman who uses her own personal story to touch and change lives. She is a life coach who “uses humor to open hearts and minds”. Her example and instruction has inspired and helped thousands of women to take back their lives and find the fulfillment they deserve. She now lives in Nashville Tennessee where she is the president of the Tennessee National Speakers Association.

Free To Celebrate, by Sandy Griffin is published by the Nashville company, Published By Westview. Free To Celebrate and other books written by Sandy Griffin are available for purchase online at sandygriffin.com


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