Award Winning, Canadian Songstress, Shantel Adams Approaches Her Destiny

By Betsy Thorpe

Shantel Adams,
Bellevue Tennessee

Gifted musician Shantel Adams frequently visits Nashville but numerous songwriters, entertainers and producers working inside the city’s music industry want to see more of the down to earth, bluesy, award winning Canadian songstress. Many prominent local writers and publishers hope that Ms. Adams will soon make Music City her permanent home. One publisher, Chad Segura, Vice President of Word Publishing said, Shantel “ has a unique sound and a natural song sense, and I look forward to watching her continue to grow as an artist and a writer.” Impressed by Shantel’s versatility, established songwriter Pam Belford (whose song If I Know Me, appears on the George Strait album, Strait Out Of The Box) once wrote that Shantel Adams “is equally adept at writing and singing a heartfelt ballad, a contemporary Christian tune that reflects her own faith, or a sassy, humorous gut-buster of a country song full of attitude”.

Shantel Adams who lives in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, started picking guitar when she was fifteen and soon started writing her own songs. Following a series of successes in Canada she first in arrived Nashville in 1999 to perfect her writing and to develop her skills as a singer and performer. Her motto “just be yourself” reflects her open and friendly personality and easy stage presence.

The recipient of numerous awards and accolades, Shantel Adams is very proud of the award delivered by the Tennessee Songwriters Association at their 23rd annual banquet in Nashville. The award designated her the years Most Promising Female Songwriter. Pleased to be recognized as a Nashville songwriter and embraced by the city’s community of professional musicians, Shantel greets each day with optimism and goodwill. When asked about the future of her musical career, she confidently responded with a quote from Wynonna Judd, “You just have to keep showing up, and wait for God to walk in the room.” A similar sentiment is shared by a growing number of fans both north and south of the border, who all agree that Shantel Adams will soon fulfill her destiny, it really is just a matter of time.

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