Thoughts On Weight Loss, From C L

With His Weight Down to 309 Pounds, A Pleased C L Gives The Scales A “Thumbs Up

Just a few more weeks left. At first, I told readers on Betsy’s Blog that I would lose 20 lbs. in three months – just like the last time I was on this program. Well, after looking back at records, it actually took me four months to lose twenty pounds.

But after some number crunching, I doubt that I could match that loss – even if I had an extra month. As of this morning, I weigh 309.5 lbs. For the past four or five weeks, I have been averaging a one-pound loss every two weeks

What was different this time? Maybe I should look no further than the calendar. My last program started in Spring. More outdoor physical activities? Maybe! Did I have a few more orders of onion rings this time around? Maybe!

Am I proud of what I have accomplished? Most definitely!

We have talked about me trying a new diet. What do you think? Is fifteen to sixteen pounds without cravings in three months (that fly by like three weeks) the way to go here? Or would you prefer to lose double or triple that amount with cravings in three months (that creep like three years)?
Tough choice (or is it?).


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