Bellevues Buffalo Valley Farm Offers A Harvest Of Locally Grown, Healthy, Tasty, Fruits, Vegetables And Honey

By Betsy Thorpe

Buddy And Sydney Rogers Of Buffalo Valley Farm With Rotarian Jim Horde
Earth Day, 2009

On Earth Day 2009, Buddy and Sydney Rogers of the Buffalo Valley Farm shared their knowledge of sustainable agricultural practices with the Bellevue Rotary Club. Their farm is dedicated to providing locally grown food that is free of inorganic pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers directly to consumers in the greater Nashville area.

The Buffalo Valley Farm is located in Bellevue on land purchased by Mrs. Rogers parents, Doug and Evelyn Underwood more than forty years ago. Tended by three generations, the farm is a family operation. This year their garden will include traditional farm vegetables such as squash, tomatoes, beans, melons, corn, potatoes and greens, and more exotic produce like soybeans, eggplant and shittake mushrooms.

Shares in the farms’ harvest are currently available for purchase. Shareholders will receive a half bushel of fresh produce each week for 23 weeks throughout the harvest season. Starting the last week in May non-shareholders will be able to custom order produce online from a list of available fruits and vegetables that will be updated weekly on the Buffalo Valley Farm’s website.

In her presentation to the Rotary, Sydney Rogers recommended they read the New York Times article by Michael Pollan, titled “Farmer In Chief” . The article relates the importance of supporting local farming ventures-such as the Buffalo Valley Farm- that employ sustainable agricultural practices.

To purchase a share in the Buffalo Valley Farm’s 2009 harvest, visit

The Bellevue Rotary Club is one of the areas’ oldest civic organizations and every week they host interesting guest speakers from the local community. Anyone interested in joining the Bellevue Rotary Club is invited to attend their weekly meetings. The group meets in the private dining room at Shoneys Restaurant on Highway 70 S for breakfast and fellowship every Wednesday morning at 7:30 am.


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