Everyday Is Earth Day For Bellevue Resident Dawn Lloyd Gilbert

By Betsy Thorpe

On Earth Day 2009, Dawn Lloyd Gilbert Makes Her Weekly Visit To The Bellevue Recycling Center

Bellevue resident Dawn Lloyd Gilbert who says she has recycled for most of her life, recalls how as a young girl living in Philadelphia during World War II her family recycled tin cans. The recycled materials were used at munitions factories to help make ammunition. “First we cleaned the cans and removed their labels, then using a can opener we removed the bottom of the can, we put the top and bottom inside the can and then we flattened it” she said.

Today Ms. Lloyd Gilbert recycles for the sake of environment. She is especially concerned about the dangers our waste presents to local wildlife and domestic animals. Once a week she brings her recyclable trash to the Bellevue Recycling Center. Knowing that an average of 300 plastic shopping bags a year are used by every person living within the United States and that only one per cent of those bags are recycled, Dawn Lloyd Gilbert is diligent about depositing her plastic bags in the recycling barrel located outside her neighborhood Publix grocery store.

The Bellevue Recycling Center accepts newspaper, mixed paper, paper board, cardboard, aluminum, tin, glass containers, and plastic bottles and containers. The center is located in Bellevue at the Metro Transit Authority’s Park & Ride on Coley Davis Road and Highway 70 South. The Bellevue Recycling Center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Curbside recycling is also available to Bellevue residents.


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