Veterans From Bellevue United Methodist Church To Serve Local Community

By Betsy Thorpe

Norm Nuismer And George Carney With The Bellevue United Methodist Church’s United States Military Veterans Group

In January of this year a new veterans group was formed in Bellevue. The groups members who all attend The Bellevue United Methodist Church meet once a month to socialize and share information. Most are veterans of the conflicts in Korea and Vietnam. Although their membership includes both former officers and enlisted men, they now come together as equals. At their last meeting one member stated “rank plays no part in our fellowship.”

Last August Norm Nuismer, the groups coordinator, and the former Commander of Nashvilles American Legion Post 5 joined the posts current Vice-Commander, John Furgess to present a 2,000 check to Joe Downs, the father of Sgt. Kevin Downs, a local veteran who lost both legs when he was wounded in Iraq. The donation was used to help purchase materials for the specially designed home that is currently being built for Sgt. Downs.

According to Nuismer this newly formed veterans group will offer service to their members and to their local community. He also hopes that other veterans who attend the Bellevue United Methodist Church will be inspired to join them.


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