Tennessee’s Child Passenger Safety Centers At Meharry Medical College Promotes Proper Use Of Child Safety Seats

By Betsy Thorpe

“Tennessee’s Child Passenger Safety Centers are providing an exceptional service to protect children from injury or even death.”
Kendell Poole
Director of the Governor’s Highway Safety Office

A Mural on the side of the The Middle Tennessee Child Passenger Safety Center van pictures Meharry employee Ruby Thorpe and her daughter Mary, with Davion the son of Meharry sterilization technician, Kim Moore.

The Middle Tennessee Child Passenger Safety Center van At Meharry Medical College

When you see the Child Passenger Safety Center van on your street, you can know that neigborhood children will be safer because it is bringing certified technicians to work with area fire departments, police officers, and medical centers to educate members of your community on how to install and use child safety seats correctly.

The Middle Tennessee Child Passenger Safety Center at Nashville’s Meharry Medical College was established as a place where parents can have their children’s safety seats inspected, adjusted, or replaced. The center’s director Angela Brown said “73 percent of all child passenger restraints are used incorrectly”, however she also stated that ““child safety seats if used correctly can reduce infant mortality by 71 percent and toddler fatalities by 54 percent.” By educating the community on the proper use of child safety seats Meharry and The Middle Tennessee Child Passenger Safety Center hopes to dramatically reduce the number of injuries and fatalities suffered by local children in automobile accidents.

For more information on child passenger safety, or to locate an inspection station near you, call the Middle Tennessee Child Passenger Safety Center at Meharry at 327-5900 or visit www.tntrafficsafety.org.

To learn more about Meharry Medical College go here.


One thought on “Tennessee’s Child Passenger Safety Centers At Meharry Medical College Promotes Proper Use Of Child Safety Seats

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