The Best Bathroom In America Is Located In Downtown Nashville

By Betsy Thorpe

The men’s bathroom, located outside the Oak Bar on the ground floor of The Hermitage Hotel was part of the hotel’s original design and symbolized Nashville’s development as a modern Southern city.

The votes are counted and for the second year in a row Nashville’s famous art-deco mensroom located inside the historic Hermitage Hotel won the Best Bathroom In America contest. In an online ballot presented by the Cintas Corporation,voters were asked to rate bathrooms on hygiene, style and public accessibility. The Cintas Company distributes bathroom hygienic products to hotels and restaurants across the country.

The Hermitage Hotel situated near Nashville’s Capitol Hill, first opened in 1910. For decades the lime green and black art-deco restroom located on the hotel’s ground floor has been featured in magazine and television advertisements, and in more recent years the rooms elegant and artistic design has provided the background for numerous music videos. According to local folklore important business deals and political negotiations have been finalized within the bathroom’s lead-glass tiled walls.

When he accepted last years award for Best Bathroom In America, Greg Sligh, President of The Hermitage Hotel, said, “From the architecture and room furnishings to exceptional customer service, The Hermitage Hotel has an uncompromising commitment to excellence. This philosophy defines everything in the hotel – including our distinctive Art Deco men’s room, which has long been known as Nashville’s most unique and elegant restroom. It is an honor for this whimsically distinctive facility to be recognized nationally as well.”

The Hermitage Hotel located at 231 6th Avenue North was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975. Today the luxurious hotel maintains a 5-star rating reflecting its excellent quality of personal service, elegance and style.


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