Message To Citizens Of Conscience

Messages from Mohammed Yahya a respected and beloved Darfuri leader living in DC.
“We exist until we stop this ongoing genocide, and bring all the killers to justice, then Peace, Freedom, Democracy and dignity will overcome.”

Mohammed Yahya has committed to fast ” in solidarity with Darfuri refugees who are suffering now due to shortage of food, medicine, shelter, water and security because Al-bashir has expelled over 16 aid organizations from Darfur.”

Dear Mia Farrow,

I just wanted to thank you so much for your noble initiative on behalf of people of Darfur. Your fast and hunger strike were inspired all of us. Therefore, I have decided to share with you these great moments and fast with you to support Darfur.
God bless you.


On April 27th UNICF Goodwill Ambassador, and human rights activist, Mia Farrow began a fast of water only to show solidarity with the people of Darfur and also as “a personal expression of outrage at a world that is somehow able to stand by and watch innocent men, women and children needlessly die of starvation, thirst and disease”. Before starting her fast Mia Farrow asked others to join her,”I hope human rights advocates and citizens of conscience around the world will join me in some form of fasting, even if for one day”.

On April 29th Nashville journalist and humanitarian, Sharon Cobb answered Mia Farrow’s call to action. Ms. Cobb who is currently suffering serious medical difficulties embarked on a water fast. She fasted until it was determined that she needed to stop in deference to her health.

On May 6th a group of people from Nashville and the surrounding area will follow the lead of Sharon Cobb by responding to Mia Farrow’s request to “citizens of conscience”.

On Wednesday, Chris Lambos of Bellevue Tennessee, Teresa Cline of Pegram Tennessee, Tracy Kenmon of Fairvew Tennessee and Laura Mawbry of Nashville, will join me, Betsy Thorpe in a day of fasting, to express our “personal outrage” that the crisis in Darfur continues to exist.

On May 7th, we will place a call to President Obama, and ask him to make a concerted effort to get the needed amount of aid back into Darfur for the displaced civilians and to complete the Sudan policy review in order to move forward with a comprehensive and coherent policy on Darfur.

As the author of Nashville Past and Present, I implore the readers of this blog to thoughtfully consider joining us on May 6th to show our concern for the multitude of Darfurians who are slowly dieing of starvation, thirst and disease. For those who choose not to fast, please call President Obama at 1-800-genocide and request that immediate action be taken to stop the genocide in Darfur.

I respectfully thank you for reading this post.

Betsy Thorpe

2 thoughts on “Message To Citizens Of Conscience

  1. Betsy Thorpe

    The humanatarian aid groups were expelled from the Darfur.This is Mia Farrow’s explanation of the expulsion.”The Darfur crisis deepened on March 4th when the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Sudanese president President Omer al-Bashir for his essential role in the murder, rape, torture and displacement of millions. Al Bashir retaliated immediately by expelling thirteen key international aid agencies from Sudan, including Save the Children, Doctors Without Borders, CARE, Oxfam and the International Rescue Committee (IRC) along with three highly respected Sudanese agencies”.


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