Hunger For One Day Is Nothing To Fear

By Betsy Thorpe

Today I fasted. A one day fast. Going one day without food with the knowledge that tomorrow I can eat does not do justice to the word hunger. Tonight I will go to bed hungry, but I know that my daughter and my grandchildren are peacefully sleeping in their beds. I know that tonight they ate a complete nutritious dinner.

Mothers in Darfur do not have the luxury of voluntarily giving up food for a day. As I write, a multitude of Darfuri mothers and grandmothers are suffering as they watch their little ones waste away from hunger thirst and disease.

I fasted today because Mia Farrow asked me to. She requested that citizens of conscience sacrifice food for one day as an expression of our outrage over the expulsion of
humanitarian groups from Darfur. For ten days Mia Farrow has gone without food. Her actions are barely being reported, yet she continues.

In the morning after I drink a cup of hot tea and eat a bagel, I will call President Obama and ask him to make a concerted effort to get the needed amount of aid back into Darfur for the displaced civilians and to complete the Sudan policy review in order to move forward with a comprehensive and coherent plan. Tomorrow I will express my outrage at the growing crisis in Darfur.

I hope others will answer the call to action set forth by Mia Farrow and call the president. Messages for President Obama can be left at 1-800-genocide. Please call him and ask that he act on the promises he made regarding the situation in Darfur.

Thank you


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