Visit The Buffalo Valley Farm, Become A Locavore!

By Betsy Thorpe

A Locavore is a person who participates in the purchasing and consumption of locally grown organic produce.

Rows of lettuce, spinach, turnip greens and other leafy vegetables are growing near the barn at the Buffalo Valley Farm. This section is called the “Salad Garden”.

Rows of various plants are growing in front of the farm’s hoop house. The hoop house is used to start the garden’s seeds in the very early spring. The seedlings are planted in the ground once the threat of frost is gone.

Growers , Buddy and Sydney Rogers of Bellevue’s Buffalo Valley Farm are interested in educating the public on the merits and benefits of purchasing and consuming healthy food that is grown locally.

The Buffalo Valley Farm is a family effort. Sydney’s son Philip has attended garden related workshops and is responsible for the design and layout of the garden’s fruit and vegetable plots. Philip’s girlfriend Mandy works with him at the farm and his sister Alyson tends the farm’s mushroom bed. Alyson and her boyfriend Philip also work on the farm along with Sydney Rogers’ nephews, Ryan and Derek Winters. Buddy Rogers who is the farm’s beekeeper, hopes to have honey for sale by next years harvest.

Sustainable agricultural practices are utilized at the Buffalo Vally farm, ensuring that the farm’s produce is free of any inorganic pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. Believing that produce grown using all natural methods promotes healthy living, Mrs. Rogers said another reason she prefers “ all natural, local over commercially grown produce is it just simply tastes better“.

Anyone interested in visiting the Buffalo Valley Farm or in learning how to become a locavare can contact Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Rogers here.


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