"The Lost Soldier" Nashville National Cemetery

The Lost Soldier History Bill wanders through the Nashville National Cemetery, wishing he had a tour guide to tell him some of the stories of the people buried there. Along comes a mystery soldier to tell his story.

The Lost Soldier is portrayed Bill Radcliffe, a Nashville firefighter and Civil War re-enactor with the 13th USCT. Mr.Radcliffe is also the model for the 9’high bronze statue that stands guard over the graves of the 2,133 Civil War servicemen buried at the Nashville National Cemetery. The statue was unvieled on Febuary 18, 2006 and is the only momument in the nations 139 National Cemeteries that is dedicated to African American soldiers. President Lincoln believed that the Civil War was the nations punishment for slavery and his provision for a national cemetery system ensured that all those, both black and white, “who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow and his orphan” would be recognized for their supreme sacrifice.

To read how the monument has been documented and archived by The Smithsonian Institute or to see photo’s of the statue go here.

More than 200,000 United States Colored Troops fought in the Civil War, more than 20,000 of those soldiers were from Tennessee.

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