Enjoy Your Weekend, Visit Your Local Park

“Our most interesting trails are the Turnbull River Trail, The White Pine Trail and the Bluff Trail. These trails are all unique. On the Turnbull Trail you see spider lilllies, alder and rushes. The White Pine Trail is a beautiful stand of White Pine that makes you feel like you are in a special place and the smell is wonderful. The Bluff Trail gives you a panoramic view of the Turnbull river and has several large hardwood trees, it is very peaceful”.
Bowie Nature Park, Fairview Tennessee

Park Naturalist, Melissa Bell
Bowie Park And Nature Center

Prior to her death in 1992 Dr. Evangeline Bowie deeded to the city of Fairview the 722-acre forest that she created from land that was once barren and eroded. Following her wishes the city made a public park out of the land and this year more than 137,000 children and adults are expected to visit Fairview’s Bowie Nature Park.

The Bowie Park Nature Center is located near the park’s entrance and includes The Bowie Museum where information and exhibits regarding the history of the Bowie family and their gift to the city of Fariview is available. The center also contains the “Discovery Room” a classroom that offers a hands on learning environment that encourages the discovery of the park’s natural wonders. The Nature Center’s classes on identifing local mushrooms, and on weather watching are very popular. Night hikes, and fishing rodeo’s are favorite programs offered by the center.

Inside the park are seventeen miles of winding hiking trails that move through the park’s various eco-systems. A small channel runs through the park’s Lake Van and is great for cat-fishing. An interpretive trail surrounds the lake. The trail begins in a Loblolly Pine forest and progresses into a hardwood bottom wetland. The interpretive signs posted along the trail help hikers discover some of the more interesting plants and animals growing and living in the area. Several species of woodpeckers, hawks and water fowl populate the forests and lakes at Bowie Nature Park. In addition to hiking trails, the park also offers trails accessible to equestrians and mountain bikers.

Bowie Nature Park is located at
7211 Bowie Lake Road
Fairview, Tennessee

Park Hours

Bowie Nature Center is open from Tuesday through Saturday 10:00 – 4:00
Bowie Nature Park is open from sunrise to sunset year round.

For more information on Bowie Nature Park, call 615 799-5544


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