Networking ( words of advice from songwriter Craig Bickhardt)

A couple of weeks ago I happily discovered Ninety Mile Wind a blog for songwriters authored by Craig Bickhardt. Offering opinions and advice the posts on Ninety Mile Wind encourage songwriters to nurture and trust their own creativity.

Craig graciously gave Nashville Past And Present permission to post in part, articles from the archives of Ninety Mile Wind.

By Craig Bickhardt
Ninety Mile Wind

After 25 years in and around Nashville (I lived there for 23 of those years) I can share some of my experience with you. One thing is true: the music industry is a network that is made up of smaller networks, and people only want to do business with their friends. This was some of the earliest advice given to me in Nashville by my friend Don Schlitz. Almost everyone knows everyone else in some capacity.

Another piece of good advice I got early on was to keep my head in my papers and ignore the crap swirling around me. The work is what matters.

Go here to read the entire article titled Networking, by Craig Bickhardt.


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