Origami A Traditional Japanese Art Form

By Betsy Thorpe

The word Origami is derived from two Japanese words, oru meaning folding, and kami meaning paper and is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding. Artists create Origami figures by making geometric folds and creases in a single sheet of paper.

Two Origami Figures Fashioned By Mrs. Hiroshi Sato. Each Figure Took Approximately Two Days To Create

Yoko Sato and her husband Consulate General Hiroshi Sato arrived in Nashville last fall to open the new Japanese Consulate, making Japan the first and only country to hold a Consulate-General in the State of Tennessee.

One important mission of the Consulate is to promote cultural exchanges between the United States and Japan. Mrs. Sato who is very interested in art is an accomplished Origami artist and hopes that through cultural exchanges the people of Tennessee will learn to recognize and appreciate the history and beauty of Japan’s traditional art forms.


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