From Ellis Island To Kentucky, Book Review

By Betsy Thorpe

“America is God’s Crucible, the great Melting-Pot where all the races of Europe are melting and re-forming!”
English Playwright Israel Zangwill

From January 1907 through December 1908 more than two million European immigrants arrived at Ellis Island. Approximately one third of those immigrants stayed in New York, the others dispersed to various regions throughout the nation.

Lynch Kentucky was estabished in 1917 by the US Coal and Coke Company as a company town to house workers at the company’s nearby coal mines.

In August of 1908 Ferenc Nagy left Budapest Hungary with his parents and two younger brothers. After making a three week voyage from Brememhaven Germany to New York the family arrived at Ellis Island on September 6th, where they were processed and screened for medical problems. Ferenc was 18 years old.

The novel, Ellis Island To Lynch Kentucky follows the journey of Frenc Nagy a young Hungarian immigrant who after starting out on the streets of Brooklyn eventually finds his way to Lynch Kentucky where he joins immigrants from Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechoslovakia, Germany and the Ukraine to work in the coal mines. As the years progress Lynch Kentucky becomes more than a company town, it becomes home to Frenc Nagy and many others like him who realize the American dream in a small town in eastern Kentucky.

Alexander “Al” Feher was born in Manhattan, New York September 7, 1924. After entering the army on March 9, 1943 he was assigned to the 78th division in Camp Butner, North Carolina and was later shipped overseas to the European Theater.
After his discharge, in 1946 he enrolled at Concord University. He graduated in 1949 with a BS in Education. Al Feher worked for United States Steel Corporation from January 17, 1957 to September 30, 1986. He is married to the former Mary Jane Minton of Welch, West Virginia. They have two daughters, Janey and Susan.

Ellis Island To Lynch Kentucky is the second novel by Alexander Feher and was published in Nashville Tennessee at Published By Westview. His first novel is titled Escape From Hungary.


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