The Final Deployment Of The USS Nashville Scheduled To End June 12

By Betsy Thorpe

The final deployment of the USS Nashville, the goodwill mission known as African Partnership Station 2009, reflected the spirit of the capitol city of the Volunteer state.

Crew On Board USS Nashville, 2009

The USS Nashville is scheduled to arrive in Norfolk Virginia on June 12 ending the ship’s six month deployment as African Partnership Station 2009, and marking the end of Nashville’s 39 years of service as a United States Naval Ship.

To honor his city’s namesake ship Nashville Metro Councilman Jason Holleman (district 24) will soon present a proclamation commemorating the service of the USS Nashville to Mayor Karl Dean. In July the proclamation will be read to OS 3 Reilly Mealer, a young sailor and West Nashville native who served on the Nashville throughout her final mission. The proclamation will also acknowledge the presence of Mealer on the Nashville during her final deployment.


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