8th Annual Bonnaroo Music And Arts Festival Ends

by Betsy Thorpe

“Great Weather, Good Vibes,” and happening music by
PHISH, Citizen Cope, Mgmt, David Byrne, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, made this years festival the best.”

A Caravan Of “Bonno-Sooners” stop in Belleve on their way home to Oklahoma

Starting around noon today, an exodus of tired, hungry, sun-burned and sometimes dazed “Bonnarooians” passed through Bellevue marking the end of the 8th annual Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. Arriving in cars, RV’s, vans and later, on motorcycles, and with destinations in Washington, California, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado and points between and beyond, dozens of weary travelers stopped for gas, rest and refreshment in the western Davidson County community.

Many of the travelers commented on how the weather helped make this years festival better than usual. One 5 year Bonnaroo veteran from Arkansas stated, “the rain on the first day cooled off the air and settled the dust, breathing was much easier this year.” Attendees of all ages agreed that PHISH, with an act that included a light show, provided the highlight of this years festival. Several fans also noted that although Bruce Springsteen gave an outstanding performance while on stage with PHISH he confused the crowd when he played “Santa Clause is coming to town” and disconnected with the audience during his set.

Traffic was a problem this morning as tens of thousands vehicles attempted to leave the festival grounds. Many drivers reported that it took around three hours to leave Bonnaroo and get on the open road. Longer than it took in previous years.


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