Clee’s Ferry At Bell’s Bend Site Of Prehistoric Shell Mound

Clee’s Ferry, 1951
Photo Courtesy Tennessee State Library And Archives
Go here to read about the archaeological investigation recently conducted at this site.

Text Courtesy Nashville Memories, Do you remember?

A free ride on Cleeces Ferry (off Charlotte Pike). There was also a ferry from Riverwood Drive in Inglewood to near where Opryland Hotel stands now. Unless you drove miles and miles the 6 or 8 car ferry was the only way from Inglewood to Donelson. A gray painted paddlewheel ferry vessel called the “Judge Hickman” served both the McGavock Pike crossing between Donelson and Inglewood (until the North Briley Parkway bridge opened) and then at Cleece’s crossing off Charlotte Pike (until the West Briley Parkway bridge opened). There was a list of rules for the “voyage” posted below the wheelhouse and crewmen to guide the ever bigger autos to consequently ever tighter parking slots on the two parking decks. At times they could not fit the promised 8 cars aboard, but a line of autos were almost always waiting on both river banks for the next daylight “voyage”.


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